Car Maintenance for Summer

Great Ideas to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in Summer. The summer always brings hurdles for any car as the heat can drastically affect the performance of all cars. Everything from exterior paint right down to the tires can be subjected to damage if proper summer car maintenance tips are not followed. There are some strategies, however, to maintain […] Read more »

Air Conditioning Not Cold

Air Conditioning not cold Why does my air conditioning work on the highway but not at a stop light? A couple of causes of low cooling efficiency or no cooling at all at idle are: Lack of air flow across the condenser. Make certain the electric cooling fan motor close to the condenser is coming […] Read more »

Air Conditioning Question

Great air conditioning question we hear ALL THE TIME: My technician told me he couldn't find the leak in my system, so he topped-off the refrigerant in my vehicle, but didn't perform any leak repair. Now it appears to be low on refrigerant again — I know the leak is still there. What can I […] Read more »

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service I came in to the shop with some refrigerant in my vehicle, so why is my technician charging me for the full amount of refrigerant charge — shouldn't I get credit for the quantity I came in with?   Your service technician doesn't have a way of figuring out precisely just how […] Read more »