Tire Pressure – Part Two

Tire Pressure Continued A lot of individuals look for the tire pressure listed on the tires themselves, but that is really the incorrect place to look. The number on the tire is the maximum allowable air pressure – not the suggested pressure for that tire when utilized in your car.   The suggested tire pressure […] Read more »

Winter tires

Why buy Winter Tires? Also referred to as snow tires, winter tires assist enhanced traction in a number of the most extreme winter weather situations including ice, slush, and snow once the temperature drops below 45° F/7.2° C. Other factors to think about winter tires include: Style Most winter tires feature specialized tread compounds and […] Read more »

How to Check Your Tires

How to Check Your Tires You need to check tires for wear a minimum of once a month and before and after lengthy trips. You check them to figure out whether or not you have to buy new tires, have your wheels balanced, have your wheels aligned, or change your driving habits. Underinflated tires wear […] Read more »