Winter Tires

Snow Tires

Winter Tires and the Polar Vortex This year you might need winter tires even if you reside in the deep south. This week treacherous conditions produced for nightmarish commute times and in some cities in Georgia, school districts got in trouble for not letting schools out early, as some children were stuck in their classrooms […] Read more »

Best Studless Snow Tires

Best Studless Snow Tires Most dedicated snow tires these days are sufficient that studded tires aren't usually required except in the worst of winter circumstances. In the event you do a great deal of backcountry driving, or get deep snow that comes and stays for months, you may want to look into studded winter tires, […] Read more »

How you can maintain Goodyear Tires

How you can maintain Goodyear Tires •Temperature changes impact inflation pressure. Inflation pressure in a tire goes up in warm weather and down in cold weather. •The driving habits that trigger the greatest tire wear are cornering, aggressive starting, and hard braking. Riding the brake and swerving back and forth will also speed up wear. […] Read more »

Goodyear Tire Pressure

Every time I see a Prius with low tires it makes me wince. Here we have a vehicle owner who paid a premium to get a car because it gets great gas mileage, but they're throwing money out the window with all the added tire friction their low tires are causing. I am a huge […] Read more »

Goodyear Tire Care

Goodyear Tire Care To help maintain your vehicle in correct driving condition, refer to this list of tire care ideas. To get a professional evaluation, visit a Goodyear Tire location like Protech Diagnostics and Repair. Inspecting your Goodyear tires can help you reveal punctures or other visible signs of damage that could necessitate replacement. It's […] Read more »