Severe Cold Weather and Cars

Severe cold weather and your car. The February freeze has persisted in Kentucky, which means private garages like Protech are VERY busy. It’s not that winter is any harder on a vehicle than summer, but very cold weather tends to exacerbate problems. Any mechanical item that’s been marginal, whether it’s a battery, bearings or a tire […] Read more »

Can I leave my snow tires on all year?

Can I leave my snow tires on all year? You can, but it's not a great idea. Snow tires have a tendency to be noisier, plus the softer compounds that they're made means they are going to wear out more rapidly, particularly in warm weather. Wear is important, since winter tires depend on their deep […] Read more »

Snow Tires

Snow Tires in Kentucky The main concern that our clients express is that they do not want to get "stuck" in the snow in the winter. While in places like Louisville, Lexington and Oldham County situated in the extreme edges of the snow belt, fairly new All-Season tires will most likely function just fine. However […] Read more »