Winter Tires

Snow Tires

Winter Tires and the Polar Vortex This year you might need winter tires even if you reside in the deep south. This week treacherous conditions produced for nightmarish commute times and in some cities in Georgia, school districts got in trouble for not letting schools out early, as some children were stuck in their classrooms […] Read more »

Top 10 Winterizing Tips

Winterize Your Car In this post, we construct the top tips for getting your vehicle through the winter and staying safe out there throughout difficult road conditions. The simplest thing you can do to fight the cold weather and winterize is to keep a few important supplies and tools with you as you drive. You’ll obviously […] Read more »

Flat Tire. Repair or Replace?


A flat tire is a major inconvenience. Not only do you have to deal with changing the tire, you have to decide whether it is feasible to repair the tire or replace it.  Also, if the other three tires are old and worn, you just cannot put a brand new tire on your car, for […] Read more »

Buying Tires

Buying Tires Each section of  print on a tire's sidewall indicates something that will help you when buying tires: Tire Type – The P designates that the tire is a passenger car tire. Some other designations are LT for light truck, and T for temporary, or spare tires.   Tire Width – The 235 will […] Read more »

How Tires Work

How a Tire Really Works Part 1 This is so exciting!! I am sure you have had many a sleepless night wondering just how do tires really work.  Well here is part one from a tire dealer in Oldham County Ky. How are they made? What are the parts? The bead is actually a loop […] Read more »

New Tire Facts

Tire Elements Tires are composed of a number of various components, which includes the tread, sidewall, and tire plies, etc. The exact mixture of variations of these components permits for the construction of tires which are especially good in particular situations, particular types of driving, and specific kinds of vehicles. Tire Tread Each and every […] Read more »

Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation Patterns Tire rotation preserves an even amount of treadwear. Actually, on that basis some tire manufacturers actually require periodic rotation as a stipulation of their warranty. Sustaining uniform treadwear usually prolongs the overall performance of one's tires and reduces the chance for wheel vibration along with numerous other problems. Although tire rotation cannot […] Read more »

Tire Pressure – Part Two

Tire Pressure Continued A lot of individuals look for the tire pressure listed on the tires themselves, but that is really the incorrect place to look. The number on the tire is the maximum allowable air pressure – not the suggested pressure for that tire when utilized in your car.   The suggested tire pressure […] Read more »

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure – Part One   Most automobiles list tire pressure specifications on one of the door posts, most frequently the driver's. Tire pressure is really a measure of the quantity of air inside a vehicle's tires, in pounds per square inch. The required service involves checking the tires' pressure with a pressure gauge, a […] Read more »

Best Studless Snow Tires

Best Studless Snow Tires Most dedicated snow tires these days are sufficient that studded tires aren't usually required except in the worst of winter circumstances. In the event you do a great deal of backcountry driving, or get deep snow that comes and stays for months, you may want to look into studded winter tires, […] Read more »