Auto Repair Checklist for Spring

Spring Checklist Auto Repair After what seemed like an endless winter, you may be planning to hit the road for a spring or summer road trip. Some basic low cost auto repair can save thousands. AAA service estimates that it helps more than 9 million stranded motorists during a summer. If, like most Americans, the average age of […] Read more »

Tips to Avoid Auto Repair Rip offs

Auto repair

Auto Repair Rip offs Have you ever felt your car or truck was being held hostage until you pay some price tag you never agreed to? A lot of you have been letting us know about your auto repair horror stories. They can end in disputes which are tough to resolve. Typically there’s a great […] Read more »

What makes snow tires different

What makes snow tires distinct from normal tires? Snow tires (also referred to as winter tires) have tread patterns particularly created to dig down and bite into snow and ice, plus they're created from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in cold weather, enabling the tire to far better conform to the surface of […] Read more »

Brake Repair

How you can Bleed Your Brakes In case your car has soft brakes, the way to get the air out of the lines would be to bleed the brakes. To complete the job, you'll need either a brake bleeder wrench or perhaps a combination wrench that fits the bleeder nozzle in your car, a can […] Read more »

Replacing wiper blades

Replacing wiper blades Under the hood of your car is a plastic container that consists of the washer fluid for the windshield wipers. Is it filled with liquid? If not, you can fill it with any one of a number of windshield washer fluid solutions – you can even use a home window cleaner. Just […] Read more »

Car’s Cooling System

Trouble shooting your radiator The radiator inside your car cools your engine and needs water and coolant (antifreeze) to work. Keep the following points in mind as you look at the level of the liquid in your car's cooling system and add more, if necessary: Instead of opening the cap on the radiator, just check […] Read more »

Trouble Shooting Belts

How to Check a Car's Belts Many vehicles have accessory belts that drive the alternator, the power-steering pump, the air conditioning compressor, the water pump as well as other parts of a modern car. Newer vehicles have a Serpentine multi-accessory drive belt. If you can’t reach an accessory belt effortlessly to check it yourself, have […] Read more »

Trouble Shooting Your Car’s Air Filter

Checking Your Car's Air Filter If you unscrew the wing nut on the lid of your air cleaner and undo any other devices that hold it down, you will discover the air filter inside. Most automobiles include pleated-paper filters that may be replaced for a couple of dollars. Replacing these filters is simple: You merely […] Read more »