Who is the Largest Automotive Manufacturer?

After a decade of growth, China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest automotive market in 2009. Since then, in spite of a recovery in US sales, China has widened the gap, with sales of 23.5 million vehicles compared with 17 million in the US. Some say the best times for China’s automotive industry […] Read more »

Why Crossovers Conquered the American Highway

Something extraordinary is happening in the American automobile market. A new style of vehicle is taking over the supermarket parking lots, rural highways, and city streets. It’s part SUV, part car, part minivan. It is the Crossover. Crossovers have grown from an interesting experiment by Toyota, Honda, and Subaru in the mid-1990s into the biggest thing in […] Read more »

Car Maintenance for Summer

Great Ideas to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in Summer. The summer always brings hurdles for any car as the heat can drastically affect the performance of all cars. Everything from exterior paint right down to the tires can be subjected to damage if proper summer car maintenance tips are not followed. There are some strategies, however, to maintain […] Read more »

Seven Car Repairs Worth The Money

Going to an independent garage can feel like going to the dentist. In fact, around 40% of U.S. drivers put off car repairs, with some respondents even reporting that the reason they didn’t go wasn’t financial, it was that they were embarrassed by the state of their car. We say no worries, when it comes to car maintenance […] Read more »

Auto Repair Checklist for Spring

Spring Checklist Auto Repair After what seemed like an endless winter, you may be planning to hit the road for a spring or summer road trip. Some basic low cost auto repair can save thousands. AAA service estimates that it helps more than 9 million stranded motorists during a summer. If, like most Americans, the average age of […] Read more »

Winter Tires

Snow Tires

Winter Tires and the Polar Vortex This year you might need winter tires even if you reside in the deep south. This week treacherous conditions produced for nightmarish commute times and in some cities in Georgia, school districts got in trouble for not letting schools out early, as some children were stuck in their classrooms […] Read more »

Preventive Maintenance

Transmission flush

Car maintenance is a very broad subject and there are many areas to discuss. We think one of the most overlooked area of car maintenance is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance means taking care of problems before they become major or preventing problems from happening in the first place.  Preventing problems is by far the MOST COST EFFECTIVE way […] Read more »

Brakes are Squealing

My Brakes are Squealing

Brakes are Squealing!! What it means when your brakes are squealing You will have to troubleshoot a number of issues when your brakes are squealing. Chances are the first thing you need to check is the thickness of your brake pads. Many manufacturer's brake pads have indicators constructed into them that actually cause them to squeal when […] Read more »

How To Brake

As fundamental as the title sounds, most drivers have no idea how to brake! Learn How To Brake Here are some tricks from the worlds best drivers: If you'd like to shorten the automobiles stopping distance, the very best benefits are produced prior to you hitting the brakes at all. Hard and fast is the […] Read more »

Car Battery

Checking a Car Battery A car battery, like other components of your car, is subject to wear and tear and ought to be checked frequently. Particularly, pay attention to the battery’s trouble spots.  A car battery that is stored clean lasts longer than a cruddy one.   The components of the battery to check. Prior […] Read more »