Severe Cold Weather and Cars

Severe cold weather and your car. The February freeze has persisted in Kentucky, which means private garages like Protech are VERY busy. It’s not that winter is any harder on a vehicle than summer, but very cold weather tends to exacerbate problems. Any mechanical item that’s been marginal, whether it’s a battery, bearings or a tire […] Read more »

Preparing Your Car For Cold Temperatures

Cold Temperatures With not just snow, but brutally cold temperatures anticipated over the next week, people are being urged to prepare for the winter storm and unusually frigid temperatures. While houses are frequently prepared to weather the cold temperatures, individuals frequently neglect to make sure their car is storm-ready. Here are some easy tricks to […] Read more »

Top 10 Winterizing Tips

Winterize Your Car In this post, we construct the top tips for getting your vehicle through the winter and staying safe out there throughout difficult road conditions. The simplest thing you can do to fight the cold weather and winterize is to keep a few important supplies and tools with you as you drive. You’ll obviously […] Read more »

Winter Driving Oldham County

Winter driving in Oldham County can catch you by surprise Last year there really wasn't a need for winter driving techniques or snow tires.  This tear we have had two snowstorms that have caused hazardous driving not only in Oldham County but the entire upper midwest and east. Winter driving techniques are not the same […] Read more »

How Tires Work

How a Tire Really Works Part 1 This is so exciting!! I am sure you have had many a sleepless night wondering just how do tires really work.  Well here is part one from a tire dealer in Oldham County Ky. How are they made? What are the parts? The bead is actually a loop […] Read more »

Winter tires

Why buy Winter Tires? Also referred to as snow tires, winter tires assist enhanced traction in a number of the most extreme winter weather situations including ice, slush, and snow once the temperature drops below 45° F/7.2° C. Other factors to think about winter tires include: Style Most winter tires feature specialized tread compounds and […] Read more »