Used Auto Parts

Buying Used Auto Parts

Purchasing auto parts and auto components can get costly.

Especially if you have to buy them twice! There are occasions when a used auto part may be just as good as a brand new one, particularly when your auto parts store tells you it will have to be special ordered.

Used auto parts, like transmission parts, may be a life saver, but you have to be cautious when buying. A used auto part that does not function or does not fit ends up costing you a lot of time as well as money. These suggestions can help you determine whether used auto parts are right to complete the job

  • Know what you need. Make sure you know precisely what you want to buy before you start shopping for used auto parts. If possible, have the old part with you for comparison. Measure the holes and fittings to ensure the part will fit exactly the same.

  •  Ask questions. Do not worry about looking like a beginner while you stand at the used auto part counter. They deal with amateur mechanics all the time, and most retail guys will give you credit for at least attempting to fix it yourself.

  • Be certain the part can be returned if it doesn't work. Occasionally you will wind up using the wrong part regardless of how careful you plan. Make certain they'll exchange it for the proper part or at least give you your money back.

  • Decide whether or not used is a good idea for this repair. If you crack a tail light or break a dip stick, used auto parts will be the ideal low-cost answer. Parts that wear out like alternators, starters and brake rotors ought to most likely be bought new because they will have a lot more life left than a used part.

  • Swap meets offer a unique location to purchase used auto parts is at the swap meet. A swap meet is really a gathering of car guys who bring parts and accessories they do not need any longer to sell or trade for other parts and services. It can be an excellent location to get a deal, but keep in mind there's most likely no return policy . Exactly the same rules for buying used auto parts from a junk yard apply, with a few exceptions:

  • Lower price. You are able to buy components at a swap meet for a lot less than anyplace else.

  • More choices. Chances are there's more than one bunch of components that has what you are looking for. Find the component that looks robust for the very best price. Let common sense direct you and you'll save money and time purchasing used auto parts.

Protech will provide the best auto part for your car.  We will provide new or used if the used auto part makes sense, is warranted and if the wear is very light.  If you would like to look elsewhere, buyer beware.  Here are some places that you MAY find reputable sellers of used auto parts:

  • eBay Motors. eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces. It provides a full time living for a number of sellers. However,many brick and mortar businesses also make part of their sales online through eBay. eBay Motors allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell used cars and brand new cars as well as new auto parts and used auto parts. This is a great place to begin your search for that specific used auto part you're looking for. You can not only usually locate the part, but you can shop around for the best price right on the site as well.  The best part, however is looking at the sellers reputation and past transaction history from the BUYERS point of view.

  • is a leading worldwide distributor of used car parts, similar to eBay in its size, is a great way to find any used auto parts online. A nice feature about this site is the fact that not only can you search for that auto part by car type, make and model, but you can also search simply by a picture of the part.

  • is a used parts locating service, so while they don't stock anything, they have 7,000 suppliers who do stock used and aftermarket auto parts. Searching their website is easy and once you have located the part, you simply place an order and they will ship it to you.