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Protech is the preferred Jasper Transmission installer in Oldham County.

This means we install more Jasper products than anyone else in the area and meet their high standards for customer care and quality The problem will only get worse and the repair will only be more expensive if it is ignored.The remedy is hopefully very simple, but it WILL get worse over time. Let our mechanics put your vehicle on a lift and find out what the problem is.

We will give you an honest assessment and YOU can decide what to do. Worst case, if your transmission cannot be repaired but needs to be replaced; that doesn't mean you will be saddled with a new car payment. Instead,our mechanics can drop in a completely remanufactured transmission from Jasper Engines and Transmissions.

A rebuilt transmission will get you back on the road again quickly! Besides rebuilt transmissions, Jasper also provides remanufactured engines, differentials and performance engines.  Jasper transmissions come with a full warranty and the warranty can be passed on to the next owner of your vehicle.  Jasper transmissions and engines are manufactured less than two hours away in nearby Jasper Indiana.

See how a transmission actually works! Great video below!

Benefits of a rebuilt transmission

A rebuilt transmission will help your car run more smoothly. Basically, the life of your car will be extended and a very fair price.  Think of how much a new car costs versus the cost of a warranteed, rebuilt transmission. Smart people know rebuilding is a great way to keep their car working efficiently.

A careful inspection or diagnosis is performed before the transmission is shipped, Severely worn out parts that can’t be fixed are replaced with brand new or reconditioned parts.This will save you worry as well as money.

Your car runs more efficiently than before once the new or refurbished parts are installed. You leave with the knowledge this was a good experience and, if your car ever is in need of this sort of service again, it won't be something you will dread or simply not be able to afford.

Be sure to ask your service technician about having your car’s transmission regularly flushed.  Despite what the manufacturer says, it is a good way prolong the life of nthe transmission because you are flushing the old, tired additives and fluids out that are no longer effective.

Many of the companies that offer these transmissions also offer a warranty. The minimum warranty that you should accept when searching for a rebuilt transmission is a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty that covers 100% of the parts and labor. If you find a rebuilt transmission that is less expansive than a Jasper engine, but does not have a warranty, run away!!!  If something were to go wrong with the transmission then you would have no recourse and have to spend even more money on repairs.

Transmission Repair Warning Signs

The Check Engine Light is a primary indicator and it is critical to the future of you car and bank account that it is not ignored. If your check engine light is on, at a minimum, you should have your car’s computer scanned to see what codes are showing up. Once you have the results from the computer scan, you will have a better idea of what the problem could be and be able to make an informed decision.  If the problem is transmission related, do not put off the repair.  Transmission problems go from bad to worse to catastrophic in a heartbeat.

When you feel a hard jerk shifting from one gear to another. This could be a small problem like a worn transmission band, or low transmission fluid or an indicator of something more serious like a vacuum lines or external sensors that need adjusting or replacing. By the way, low transmission fluid is a sign of another problem.  Transmission fluid does not evaportate.

Shift timing is the time between gear changes in the transmission when the power to the wheels stops for a brief moment. Problems arise when the shifting is hard, stalling, or hard shifting. Again, this could be an indicator of something relatively easy to fix (a bad input control device like a throttle position sensor), but if left untreated can lead to more serious and costly issues.

Slipping gears can be an indicator of both an internal or external issue with your car’s transmission system. Anything from bad spark plug timing to a faulty torque converter can cause gear slippage. The best way to find the culprit of slipping gears is to have your car serviced and run diagnostics.

A burnt oil smell is never a good thing. in fact, burnt oil is always bad. We recommend bringing your car in for service immediately. It could be something like leaking transmission fluid, where the seals and hoses would need to be replaced or something more serious like a full transmission flush.

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